You Never Walk Alone

  • Winning the league by the biggest margin — 25 points
  • Most wins in a season — 32 wins, tied with Manchester City 2016–17
  • Most home wins in a season — 18, tied with Manchester City, United and Chelsea
  • Claiming the title with seven matches remaining
  • Best start ever in top 5 leagues by claiming 61 points in first 21 matches
  • Zero home losses in last 3 seasons (2017–20)
  • Most consecutive PL wins -18 (27 Oct’19 to 24 Feb’20) tied with City
  • Most consecutive home PL wins — 24 (9 Feb’19 to 11 Jul’20)



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Aditya Agrawal

Aditya Agrawal

A sports fanatic who would like to discuss anything and everything on sports. Trying to express my views through my blogs.