The Enigma of Michael Jordan

  • Bulls are playing Cavs and Lacy, Kent and Sam from the media said Cavs win the best of 5 series in 3,4 and 5 games respectively. Jordan before the series decider said to Lacy “We took care of you”, turns to Kent says “We took care of you” and then says to Sam “Today we take care of you”. Jordan scores jumper over Ehlo to win the series.
  • He banned Isiah Thomas from Dream Team selection. USA somehow lost in the 1988 Olympics. Seeking revenge, NBA said we will be sending our best players. It was like a FIFA PRO XI. Isiah ticked all the checkboxes to be a part of this team. His only mistake, his team didn’t shake hands with Michael after Bulls swept Pistons. Just to add here, Michael shook Isiah and his team’s hands the previous year when he lost. To rub salt to the wound, the coach of Dream Team also coached Isiah when Pistons won during ’89 and ’90. Who is the real boss you ask?
  • Dikembe Mutombo famously wagged his finger saying “No, No, No” to the scorers after blocking them. He bragged to Michael during All-Star game that Mike didn’t posterize him yet. Michael even said that let’s not go there for your sake. Later that season, Michael dunked on him and wagged his finger in the same style.
  • Michael rolls up in his Ferrari and asks Byron Scott before the match “Who is guarding me tonight”. “Anthony Peeler”. Michael laughs and says “50”. Byron says to Anthony “Listen, he is about to go for 50, don’t piss him off”. Michael scored 54.
  • Reggie Miller, another brilliant player and equally good trash talker said to Michael Jordan in an exhibition match “Who do you think you are, the great Michael Jordan, yeah you are right, there is a new kid on the block”. At that point he had 12, Michael had 4 points. End of the game, Bulls won, Michael had 44, Reggie had 14. Michael said to Reggie “Be sure you never talk to Black Jesus like that
  • Michael dunks on John Stockton, a 6’1” guy and someone on the sideline says “Why don’t you pick someone your own size?”. Jordan dunked on 7 feet tall Mel Turpin, turns around and says “Was he big enough?
  • A young Kevin Garnett, who will be inducted in Hall of Fame this year, talked trash with his teammate Isiah Rider. Garnett who had a decent match towards the end was saying I am killing Jordan today. Michael overheard when Bulls were trailing by 2 points with him scoring 18. Bulls ended with a lead of 25 and Michael scoring 40. Michael just gave a hard look to Garnett who pantingly apologised to Rider saying “I am sorry, my bad!
  • Karl Malone was named season MVP in 1997. Jordan said good for him, but he is not better than me. He had a good season you can reward him but I will show everyone who is the best. Cut to the finals, Jordan defeats Malone to win the title and Finals MVP.
  • New York Knicks were the favourite target of Jordan. Their coach Jeff Van Gundy said in an article that Jordan is a con-man who befriends his opponents off the pitch only to torch them in-game. Jordan took revenge and dropped 51 points in their game against Knicks cursing Jeff the entire time. At the end of the match, Jordan replied “Some choice words”.



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Aditya Agrawal

Aditya Agrawal

A sports fanatic who would like to discuss anything and everything on sports. Trying to express my views through my blogs.