Remembering the Mamba — Kobe Bryant

  • Kendrick Perkins was guarding Kobe with 5 seconds on the shot clock. Perks was like “Al’ight, let me see you Kobe”. Kobe pumps fake, shoots a three. Kobe says while walking down the court “Don’t make me tear that other ACL
  • In 2006, 76ers played Lakers and Andre Iguodala played great defence on Kobe. Kobe had a poor night and the Lakers lost. Kobe marked the date on the calendar for the next matchup that season against 76ers. Comes the date, Kobe walks into the 76ers dressing room and tells Lou Williams “Where’s Dre? Tell him it’s 50 tonight”. Kobe scored 49 with 6 minutes remaining in the game.
  • Iman Shumpert was guarding Kobe in The Garden and had multiple steals from Kobe. He was feeling a bit cocky and then the 4th quarter starts. Kobe says “You HAD a great game, young fella”. Shumpert looked at the clock like crazy “Bro, there’s 12 minutes, what you talking about”. Kobe went off. Shot fake, threw it off the glass, caught the ball and passed to Pau. Midrange jumper off the glass. Pulled up from 35 feet like Steph. D’Antoni took a timeout and looked at Shumpert. He was speechless.
  • Kobe played Reggie and the Pacers in 2002 and had an all out brawl resulting in 2 game suspension for both. In 2006, a kid in Sacramento asked who won the fight that day. Kobe said, of course he won. Another kid in the back said “Yeah but you can’t hit 3 threes in a row like Reggie.” The next day against Sacramento, Kobe scored a layup, jumper and then 4 threes in a row.
  • President Obama is a Bulls and Jordan fan. He said to Kobe that the Bulls point guard Derrick Rose “may have your number”. Kobe replied, “If he calls that number, I’ll be sure to pick up after the 5th ring”.



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Aditya Agrawal

Aditya Agrawal

A sports fanatic who would like to discuss anything and everything on sports. Trying to express my views through my blogs.